La Cerveza de la Sierra Calderona

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There is a dreamtime legend that speaks of a mystical Blue Serpent, 'Gorronlolmi', in the ancient language and stories of the Aborigines from the deserts of Australia.  The Blue Serpent was a protector of the land, it's people and the giver of life. To quench their thirst the Aborigines looked for a sign from the Blue Serpent to aid them in their search for the most valuable treasure of the desert, water. 

Ophidian Brewing Company started as a small idea in a backyard shed on the out skirts of Perth, Western Australia. There, Brew Master Robert Craig brewed his first beer which was to become known as Blue Serpent.

Ophidian Brewing Company

After several years of brewing top quality ales and lagers for family and friends and perfecting his own recipes, he decided to open his own brewery in the small town of Naquera, Valencia. An abundant supply of exceptionally pure water and tranquil surroundings offer the perfect ambiance to continue brewing top quality ales and maintaining the ways of the Blue Serpent.

The opening of the brewery with its sophisticated and high precision brewhouse enabled him to achieve a more flavoursome and higher quality ale which is enjoyed by so many connoisseurs today. 

All of our ales at Ophidian Brewing Company are hand crafted preservative and additive free and are conditioned in the bottle to achieve the maximum quality  possible.

Robert Craig

Why not visit the brewery?

Our brewery is closed to the public.

Our ingredients

  • Malted Barley

    Here at Ophidian Brewing Company we use only the finest quality malted barely from expert maltsters like Weyermann and Crisp. Malted barley forms the base of any great beer and we use at least 5 different malts in each of our beers.

  • Hops

    We are lovers of fresh hops and you will notice this when you try our beers. Our hops are sourced direct from Australia, New Zealand, England and the USA.

  • Yeast

    A happy yeast produces great beer. Our yeast is always happy.

  • Spring Water

    We are very lucky to be situated in the heart of the Sierra Calderona (National park) where there is an abundant supply of exceptionally pure srping water.