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Blue Serpent Original

Blue Serpent Original
(Box 12 bottles)
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Blue Serpent Original Ale combines a distinctive roast malt character with the sweetness of pale and caramel malts. It pours a moderately deep tan brown colour and presents an attractive head that invites you to drink.  Mingled with the malts are subtle aromas of passionfruit with notes of grape and hints of apple.

This well balanced ale goes well with nut flavoured dishes, particularly cashew chicken and almost-topped but also cheese salads, apple pie, pork or beef and vegetable soup.

All of our ales at Ophidian Brewing Company are hand crafted, preservative and additive free and are bottle conditioned to achieve the maximum quality possible.

  • Style: Brown Ale
  • Color: Galleta Tostada (38 EBC)
  • 5% Alc/Vol
  • IBU: 37

Blue Serpent Original is only available in boxes of 12 bottles.